The original Willow Smith and Rebecca Black combined in one amazing girl

A lot of people are going nuts about Rebecca Black’s song, “I Just Learned How To Read A Calendar” or whatever.

They’re all haters who wish they were 12 year old girls (most haters wish that) who paid a bunch of nobodies to make a horrible song and video for them. On the other hand, that’s basically how all pop music gets made.
Though I guess the quality depends on the perspective. It’s remarkably bad if it’s supposed to be an actual song with a genuine video. But it’s amazingly well-done if it’s a parody of pop music.

Unfortunately, pop music is so often a parody of itself, so we’ll never know the truth.

But I’m here to share with you the original. Before Rebecca Black there was a trailblazer who showed us young girls could write and produce their own pop hits without the “help” of so-called producers. The lyrics can be personal and about things young girls deal with every day. So I give you, Giovanna performing “Me and My Puppy”

She includes the classic rap breakdown part, but has the guts to do it herself. I was going to start quoting the song, but every single line of it is amazing. Please enjoy and spread around….

"ice cream for me, doggy treats for her"